The founders

Immanuel Schmötzer studied Sports Science and Psychology from 2002 to 2007 in Freiburg, followed by a Masters Degree at the TU München. While still a student, he built a successful personal trainer business. His experience from many thousands of hours as a personal trainer, continuous creation of training plans and demanding customer service at the Munich’s renowned Leo’s Sports Club combined with his many years of experience is sports therapy turned him into an expert in fitness, training oversight and member service. The only thing missing was a tool to provide all-round member service in a straightforward, uncomplicated manner. The goals of optimally helping even more studio operators, athletes and patients and making effective software available for colleagues in the sports and health sector are what drive him and his business partner Rafael Diaz.

Rafael Diaz came to Germany from Venezuela in 1990 with a scholarship from the Venezuelan government to study Computer Science. After completing his studies in Business Information Systems at the Augsburg University of Applied Sciences, he worked in Europe and the USA as an IT consultant for many renowned companies, like Vodafone, Deutsche Bahn, Telefonica and more. His specialities include technological challenges and database / system integration and call centre technologies. He is constantly striving to implement the newest technological trends from industry to the sport and fitness studio world.

Lanista training software

Lanista (MP Sports Coaching & Consulting GmbH) is the first comprehensive training software that enables fitness studios, physiotherapists, personal trainers and coaches to stay in constant contact with their customers / patients via a training app. It consists of three interlinked modules: Studio operators use the Control Center on their PC to administer and track the settings, statistics and the automated services for their members. Trainers, coaches and therapists are able maintain an overview of all customer and training data with our training software. Athletes remain in contact with their trainers even outside the studio via a smartphone training app. Moreover, they have access to a database with over 1,000 exercise videos, which are also accessible via QR codes on the fitness equipment in the training space.

The name “Lanista” originates from Ancient Rome. Lanistas trained the gladiators, and the gladiator school owners were also usually called Lanistas.

MP Sports Coaching & Consulting GmbH was founded in 2012. Under the leadership of Immanuel Schmötzer and Rafael Diaz, a sports scientist and computer scientist, respectively, the company develops IT solutions in the sport and health sector. Their aim is to always have a multi-perspective view (which is where the name MP Sports originated) while simultaneously presenting smart and simple solutions with a close orientation toward practice. The two founders continue to lead a team that strives to provide transparent, fair and innovative solutions.

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