Create added value

The aim is to elegantly link solutions already in place and render them accessible to all parties involved (members and trainers) in the simplest way possible, thereby meeting expectations by creating added value.

Simplification and transparency

Studio digitalisation is associated with a wide variety of benefits. Track your staff, review utilisation behaviour among your members and create a stronger bond to the studio .

Cost-efficient upgrade

There is no reason to replace all of your equipment in order to get your training spaces up to date with the newest technologies. Thanks to BEACONS , originally established in e-commerce, comprehensive digitalisation for the entire studio has never been easier.


  • are web-based
  • don’t require installation
  • are permanently up-to-date thanks to cloud synchronisation
  • permit access and editing via PC (Chrome and Safari), app or tablet
  • look and feel great, featuring your studio’s logo and colours
  • are fully setup and ready to use within 24 hours

You’ll receive support free of charge at all times. Simultaneously, cost transparency is important to us. Other than the annual fee,there are no additional costs for maintenance or data updates; we perform those services automatically and free of charge.


Lanista training software has features like medical background, measurements, tests, training plan creation from over 1000 exercises, expandable exercise database, and the associated customisable customer app.

We are the only provider who can link your equipment, trainers and members irrespective of manufacturer to create a comprehensive solution for the most modern forms of member retention and member service via computer, iPad and smartphone.

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