Data processing agreement

In addition to consent for data storage, you’ll also need to conclude a data processing agreement with us. It is available for download from the Control Center. In it, you as the customer contract us as a software company to process your customers’ data on your behalf. The agreement comes already signed by us. You’ll only need to add your company data, sign it and send a copy back to us.

About the GDPR

The new General Data Protection Regulation enters into force on 25 May. It applies for all companies as well as private individuals within the EU who collect, process or store sensitive or personal data. That means the fitness and training sector is also affected. As your partner, we want to assist you in ensuring your business has covered all the requirements to that end and is prepared for the 25th of May.


Customer consent

Lanista has developed a very practical solution that digitally and seamlessly obtains consent from members, patients or customers. When a new customer is created or opened in the software and the entry of sensitive medical background information is starting, the screen is blocked and the trainer is prompted via a pop-up to obtain the customer’s signature directly on the screen / iPad (of course only if the declaration has been read and not refused). Then a PDF is generated, with signature, which is sent directly to the customer. A note is made in the customer’s “file” that he or she has provided consent. The pop-up won’t appear again after that.



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